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Move from real-world data and evidence to real-world action

Many life sciences companies are turning to real-world data for their research and commercialization efforts and to make more informed decisions throughout the drug’s life cycle.

But, how do you know if the real-world data you are using will bring about real-world action, and impact?


Bill Saunders, PhD, MPH
VP HEOR & Commercial Analytics
Integra Connect

Christopher Boone, PhD, FACHE, FHIMSS
Vice President, Global Head, Health Economics & Outcomes Research


In this webinar industry experts talk about: 

  • Why knowing where data comes from matters
  • How to complement clinical trial data with real-world insights
  • How real-world data is already driving physician behavior change and patient outcomes
  • How to evaluate real-world data to maximize impact

Why Integra Connect?

Integra Connect supports life sciences companies by bringing together real-world data and evidence from and to practicing oncology providers to improve commercial, market access and research decisions. We have

  • Data from 3 million lives
  • 18 curated, de-identified oncology disease states included
  • Many years of experience working with payers, healthcare providers, and life sciences

Our harmonized, de-identified data set has been enhanced to create a high-quality, longitudinal patient journeys and summarize real-world practice patterns. Life sciences teams can view the data by treatment, diagnosis, social factors, sample size, timeframe, and more as a way to:

  • Pre-launch: Inform clinical trial design, support subject identification, and understand comparative effectiveness
  • Peri-launch: Study safety and efficacy
  • Post-launch: Conduct observational research into drug adherence and reimbursement with commercial payments models or value-based care