Move from real-world data and evidence to real-world action

Now more than ever, life sciences companies need to demonstrate the scientific, clinical, and economical value of their treatments to succeed in a value-based, precision medicine environment.

Hear from industry experts how to know if the real-world data you are using will bring about real-world action, and impact. 

Here are five reasons why life sciences companies should leverage an RWD partner that offers clinical and claims data, at every stage of the development process.

  1. Complement Clinical Trial Efforts

  2. Optimize Clinical Trial Protocols

  3. Drive Decisions on Market Feasibility 

  4. Refine Patient Sub-Segments

  5. Enable the Monitoring of Post-Market Safety and Adverse Events 

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Integra Connect shared study results underscoring the importance of early and rapid genetic testing for improved survival rates in patients with newly- diagnosed stage-4, non-small cell lung cancer. 


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Integra Connect’s Precision Medicine Solutions for Life Sciences can inform protocol driven clinical and drug research, support drug pipelines and product launches, and advance Quality Initiative programs that aim to improve the delivery of care for cancer. Read more of our thought leadership: