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Now more than ever, life sciences companies need to demonstrate the scientific, clinical, and economical value of their treatments to succeed in a value-based, precision medicine environment.

Hear from industry experts how to know if the real-world data you are using will bring about real-world action, and impact. 

Is your organization truly leveraging all that RWD has to offer? 

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  • Industry perspectives on the power of RWD
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  • Redefining how RWD can advance patient outcomes and personalized medicine
  • How to know if RWD is right for you

Strengthen Real-World Decisions with Real-World Data

Integra Connect supports life sciences companies’ research, market access and commercial decisions with insights from one of the industry’s most complete and extensive data sets. Meet the experts spearheading our real-world evidence efforts and the insights gathered. 

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With the largest team of software engineers and data experts in the industry, as well as our strong links to oncology practices, we’re dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies level-up their R&D efforts and reach practices and patients like never before.

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