On-Demand Webinar: How to Improve Practice Performance through Revenue Cycle Management

Specialty community practices are facing a number of challenges to their practices’ financial stability and success: increased staffing shortages, ever-changing payer contracting requirements, and longer times in Accounts Receivable (AR). No physician went into medicine to manage AR and very few practice managers enjoy spending all of their time on billing matters.

Increasingly, practices need to identify a way to catch up and get ahead of their claims processing and billing—quickly and without taxing existing resources. Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a holistic approach that can compliment practices’ existing staff to improve operations, financial performance, and practice patterns.

Hear from practice leaders on the reasons they chose to evaluate an RCM vendor, their experience and tips that every specialty community practice needs to consider as they work to manage their revenue cycle.


5 Ways Community Practices Can Optimize Revenue

Watch a replay our most recent webinar that we hosted around the “5 ways community practices can optimize revenue".

During this webinar we cover:

  • Industry trends in practice management and financial performance, along with the impact on community, specialty care practices
  • How to know if your practice is ready for a revenue cycle management (RCM) partner
  • Recommendations on how to evaluate an RCM partner
  • What to expect from the experience, and for your practice




Not interested in RCM?

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  • Delivering high-quality care in the most efficient and cost-effective way
  • Applying population health insights to care and treatment decisions
  • Advancing cancer research and patient outcomes
  • And more…



Who is Integra Connect?

Integra Connect is value-based, precision medicine company committed to helping specialty care succeed — clinically and financially.

While other companies may focus on either clinical or financial performance, Integra Connect’s combined approach means providers, payers, and life sciences companies can harness value-based, precision medicine principles to improve their decision-making and make a difference in patients’ lives.

With advanced predictive analytics, Integra Connect can help providers identify at-risk patients, understand opportunities to optimize quality and cost performance, and drive better treatment decisions for better outcomes. With this focus, providers can be better equipped to excel under value-based care models.